Rocky's Moving

Rocky's Moving Tips

Making the Move:

We have provided some tried and true tips here to make you move as easy as it can be. If you prefer to pack your own things check out our packing tips. If not, let us do it all.

Prior to your move:

Disconnect audiovisual equipment.
Disconnect your washer and drier.
Disconnect gas appliances that we will move.
Disconnect any water lines connected to appliances.
Disconnect your phone service 1 day after your move.
Do not water your plants for a few days before the move. It makes them really heavy!!!

Packing Tips:

Whether you are moving down the hall, or to a different city, you can count on Rocky's Moving to expertly manage your office move at any time that is convenient for you.

Packing Services:

Tape all boxes securely on the bottom.

Pack all boxes so that they close flat on the top.

Use your linens to fill empty spaces in boxes and to pad breakable items.

Pack delicate items separately.

Boxes that encase delicate items should be labeled as Fragile.

Please pack all books, records and other heavy items in the small 1.5 cube boxes only.
It is always advisable to take your valuable items such as passports and birth certificates, currency, small jewelry, etc. and transport them yourself.

Label your boxes clearly and in what room you want them placed in.

We are unable to transport any flammable or toxic materials, such as paint, aerosol cans, propane tanks etc. So these are items you will have to transport.
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